The company

In a flagging global economic context, companies are under increasing competitive pressure and facing ever more demanding customers in terms of price and service level.

Outsourcing of industrial production, trade globalisation, multiplication of distribution channels, sustainable development ... the list of new challenges goes on and on and, with them, comes a much greater need to adapt to this new environment.


 Optimising Supply Chain management has thus become an essential strategic and operational tool for companies looking to seize a decisive competitive edge:

  • by improving their customer service;
  • by slashing their costs and stocks in a sustainable manner;
  • by managing their logistics flows throughout the Supply Chain better

To help companies make these necessary changes, DIAGMAa consultancy firm in Supply Chain Management and logistics, offers companies (manufacturers and distributors alike), in France and abroad, a unique, comprehensive range of specialist services in Supply Chain Management.

From strategy right through to implementation, DIAGMA's range of services are delivered through 4 units:

  • DIAGMA CONSULTING I Strategic, tactical and operational consulting in Supply Chain Management.
  • DIAGMA HUMAN RESOURCES I Recruitment & training.
  • DIAGMA MANAGED SERVICES I Outsourced management of logistics flows.
  • AZAP I Publishing of software to help optimise operations (sales forecasting, production and transport planning, optimised stock management, etc.)


DIAGMA's mission is to help companies design, set up and operate the most efficient system for procuring, producing, delivering and perhaps returning their products to end users. 

DIAGMA's approach is not to limit itself to applying a standard method to the myriad Supply Chain problems - which are as diverse as the companies that DIAGMA's supports. Quite the contrary, DIAGMA's Supply Chain  experts and consultants adapt to each specific case by providing appropriate and pragmatic solutions to companies' Supply Chains so as to improve their performance.

With a workforce of over 100, DIAGMA supports its customers all over the world in both the industrial and development sectors, B2B and B2C: automotive sector, steel industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, FMCGs, textile, luxury, supermarkets and specialist distribution…

DIAGMA is now a leading* Supply Chain Management consultancy firm in France.

DIAGMA has been ranked as the top consultancy firm in Supply Chain Management.


DIAGMA's advantages

 By opting for DIAGMA's range of services, you'll get help with:


  • increasing your company's EBITDA from 3 to 5% of your turnover.


  • increasing cash flow from 30 to 50% of the stock value.

DIAGMA's advantages

 With DIAGMA, you get:


  • the experience and methodology of Supply Chain Management experts;
  • in-depth knowledge of the reference markets;
  • a strategic, tactical and operational vision making a lasting impact on your Supply Chain;
  • business solutions and software geared to managing your logistics flows;
  • convincing results fast.