These are mainly clearly identified software publishing firms specialising in the Supply Chain.

ERP publishers



SAGE designs, publishes and markets company management software and associated services for improving companies' performances. Sage relies on the expertise of its 14,500 employees, its network of 30,000 partner stockists and over 40,000 accounting experts - who recommend its solutions - to guarantee stress-free management for its 5.8 million customers worldwide. Sage offers products and services in line with a company's different roles and extent of organisational development. Through its investments in R&D and regulatory monitoring, Sage anticipates legal, fiscal and technological change to provide its customers with impeccable service and assistance. Its global turnover in 2008 was €1,696 M (+7% compared with 2007).
In France, Sage has 550,000 customers, 2,500 employees and a turnover of €306 M (+16%).
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About ERP X3:
Sage ERP X3 is a solution that has been specifically designed for medium and large businesses. With 2,500 customers, 40% of whom are outside France, Sage ERP X3 is a mature solution particularly geared towards companies with 50 to 2,000 employees in industry, services and distribution.
Based on the SAGE X3 integration and development platform shared with other SAGE solutions of the Division MGE (FRP, WMS, HR), Sage ERP X3 automates business specifics and processes in keeping with the applicable laws and standards.
Powerful, highly customisable and modular with all the settings already in place, this solution incorporates interactive graphical processes. Sage ERP X3 is economical, easy-to-use and quick to get up and running.
Sage X3 offers AZAP's sales forecasting module as part of its range.
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APS publishers



Founded in 2000, AZAP is a subsidiary of the specialist Supply Chain Management service provider DIAGMA and has developed and integrated the modular, integrated software AZAP - an expert in advanced planning of the supply chain (APS or Advanced Planning System).
The AZAP software suite comprises the following modules:

  • AZAP Demand Forecasting.
  • AZAP Production and Distribution Planning.
  • AZAP Stock & Procurement Planning.

Publisher of an integrated solution blending powerful calculation and ergonomics, fitting squarely into a collaborative vision with every single stakeholder of the Supply Chain (from the customer to the supplier), AZAP can call on the exclusive expertise of flow specialists to meet logisticians' strategic and operational needs as closely as possible. 
AZAP, a software suite for assisting with decisions on how best to manage the Supply Chain, has been developed by flow management specialists from the DIAGMA Group, and is thus shored up by the 35 year-plus expertise of this leading Supply Chain Management consultancy firm.
AZAP software programs are currently installed across over 300 customer sites in France and abroad, in companies working in pharmaceuticals, food processing, beverages, the B2B industry, chemicals, packaging and specialist distribution. 
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Preactor International

Preactor International is the world leader in planning & scheduling solutions. Frequently interfaced with ERP, MES, Supply Chain Management solutions, Preactor's cutting-edge technologies are used by over 2,300 companies of all shapes and sizes across 65 countries.
Preactor has forged partnerships with more than 400 companies all over the world to be able to provide local expertise for implementing solutions within each and every company. Over 1,000 professionals work closely as a team to ensure that the different needs of each company are met. 
The current trends in industry point to a reduction in stock levels to cut costs, whilst still being able to keep to tight deadlines to meet customer demand. 
Preactor offers a range of solutions translated into 30 languages, ranging from medium/long-term planning to detailed scheduling. With more than 15 years of expertise in planning and scheduling, 2,500 customer companies, over 10,000 active licences and an extensive, ever evolving network of partners offering assistance and local expertise, Preactor International provides its customers - SMEs/SMIs and multinationals alike - a tried and tested solution as well as global resources for seeing their projects through successfully. 
In France, Preactor has some 200 sites installed and opened its European headquarters in January 2008.
Preactor International brings its scheduling solutions to bear in AZAP's range of services.
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WMS publishers



A renowned specialist in retail logistics and traceability, a-SIS publishes and implements complete solutions for the logistics sector. a-SIS solutions equip the warehouses of manufacturers, specialist distributors, mainstream supermarkets, hospitals and logistics service providers, in France and worldwide, directly or through other partners.

a-SIS is a subsidiary of SAVOYE – a division of Legris Industries, which is a builder-fitter for specific industries.
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Generix Group

GENERIX Group is an independent publisher, listed on the stock market, of On Demand applications and software for companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), food and specialist distribution, e-business, transport and logistics sectors. 

  • 1,500 international distribution, industry and logistics & transport firms.
  • €67 M turnover.
  • 15% of turnover achieved abroad with 6 subsidiaries and 9 distributors for serving our customers in 30 countries.
  • On Demand applications: 15% of turnover.
  • 550 employees.

GENERIX Group seeks to create high added value collaborative management and integration solutions.

  • For managing complex intra- and inter-company flows.
  • For increasing business efficiency.
  • For providing new solutions for new skills (e-business, portals, etc.).
  • For optimising costs and timeframes in the Distributor/Manufacturer/Subcontractor value chain:

- Speeding up information transmission and data dematerialisation.
- Stabilising operations logistics.
- Acting on new sources of value (VMI, multipick, etc.).

To address its markets, GENERIX Group's offer comprises 4 solution ranges marketed under strong brands of renown.

  • ERP business solutions under the Collaborative Entreprise brand.
  • Shop and multi-channel solutions under the Agil brand.
  • Integration and e-invoicing solutions under the Influe brand.
  • Collaborative solutions and portals under the brand
  • Supply Chain Management and transport optimisation solutions under the Infolog brand.

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Founded in 1984, Hardis is a specialist IT consultant with extensive technical expertise in management computing. It is cultivating its leadership in the integration of solutions it is developing by itself or with partners. 
Since 1991, Hardis has been a cluster of logistics skills grouped together in a single company. Devoted entirely to questions regarding warehousing and warehouse management, this cluster relies on Hardis' organisation and the technological resources with which it equips itself. As the publisher and integrator of the REFLEX solution, Hardis is now a leader on the WMS market.
The company has a turnover of 45 million euros and a 500-strong workforce.
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Manhattan Associates

As a leader on the WMS market, Manhattan publishes and implements a complex suite of Supply Chain optimisation solutions. With a foothold in all sectors - Distribution, Industry, Service Providers - Manhattan plays a role in end customer satisfaction and therefore in the image and profitability of its customers.
Manhattan brings its experience to bear through an ensemble of solutions:

  • WMS, Slotting, Resource Management
  • Order Management in a multi-channel context
  • ATP Management
  • Overall Stock Visibility
  • Track & Trace of logistics flows
  • Supplier Collaboration 
  • Overall Stock Visibility from the supplier to the end customer

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Trade Extensions has the technology and expertise to enable businesses and sourcing professionals to make better sourcing decisions – decisions that are strategically-aligned and optimised against operational constraints.

Its software is uniquely flexible and can run projects ranging from simple reverse auctions to complex sourcing events involving goods and services worth billions of dollars, millions of data items and multiple rounds of negotiation.
This flexibility also means Trade Extensions can go Beyond Sourcing and it is possible to configure the platform to model and optimise practically any resource allocation problem. The platform has been used for applications as diverse as production planning and supply chain design.
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