Our mission is to help the company and its officials as the Supply Chain business to:

  • understand the challenges of Supply Chain.
  • be compared with global best practices in the Supply Chain.
  • know and integrate the concepts and developments in the Supply Chain.
  • train for careers in Supply Chain.

DIAGMA Human Resources supports its customers through three types of seminars:

  • Training seminars / awareness for Management Committees.
    • Customized seminars to fit the objectives, to reveal to committees the issues in the Supply Chain and the overall functioning of the company.
    • With his experience, DIAGMA brings a concrete vision and global supply chain, from the definition of a strategy to the operational implementation. This vision allows members of management committees to understand more easily the importance of the supply chain in the business, including through technical and pedagogical skills of facilitators DIAGMA.
  • Training seminars / awareness for pilots Supply Chain
    • The proposed seminars are aimed at planners and managers of flow occurring within the Supply Chain: forecasters, production planners, suppliers ...
    • The business expertise and the specific experience of DIAGMA planning in Supply Chain Management, allow the easy understanding of trades and tools.
  • Training seminars / awareness for senior Supply Chain
    • These customized training seminars are designed for Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Warehouse ...Directors or Managers. They learn new concepts and technical developments about Supply Chain.
    • DIAGMA offers new and interactive teaching methods to make it easier to understand some concepts: serious games (CASCADE), case studies ...
All thse training seminars are given in French or English by experienced instructors, teaching Supply Chain management in leading "Grandes Ecoles", colleges and universities (INSEAD, HEC, ESSEC, Centrale Paris).