specialized retail

The specialized retail sector is continuing to expand by gearing its products and services to its customers' expectations. Growth is happening in several areas: geographical expansion, optimisation of product ranges, development of new distribution channels and multiplication of contact points with customers.


  • Ensure product availability while limiting stocks, in a context of constant range renewal and ever more elaborate sales drives.
  • Have a flexible and responsive logistics tool, for use across several channels, for products that often have highly variable physical characteristics, supply procedures and sources.
  • Optimise warehouse supplies by turning suppliers' pricing terms to best account, all the while controlling stock levels.
  • Minimise stock retention through the Just-in-Time approach by practically eliminating the risks of out-of-date or damaged stock.
  • All the while keeping logistics (distribution and transport) costs down - which are structurally on the rise.

What DIAGMA can do for you

Founded in 1973, DIAGMA is now a leading consultancy firm in Supply Chain Management - and several-times the top-ranking firm in its sector.

DIAGMA has extensive experience and unique expertise in the specialist distribution sector: Overhauling Supply Chain design and organisation, developing the logistics network, choosing and setting up APS, TMS, WMS, improving warehouse performance and optimising transport costs…

DIAGMA offers a broad range of new services that best meets the myriad needs expressed by Management, Supply Chain, Logistics and Purchasing Departments.

Due to the specific products and complex processes, DIAGMA takes a tailored methodological approach to tackling Supply Chain problems, enabling companies not just to work on medium/long-term objectives but also to get concrete results in the short-term.