Optimise the Distribution Network

In a flagging global economic context, companies are under increasing competitive pressure and facing a globalisation of flow volumes. On top of this, given the land transport cost hikes (oil, security, taxes, environmental considerations, infrastructure saturation, international regulations, etc.), they have no choice but to significantly and sustainably cut their costs and stocks by optimising their distribution network.


  • 10 % savings on a budget that can amount to 15% of the company's turnover, or an increase in the company's profits of 1.5%.
  • How many sites are necessary? In which countries/regions should these be located? How should transport and stocks be organised?


  • DIAGMA has developed tools for optimising and simulating the logistics network: the DIALOG tool provides responses to companies' "What if" type questions and helps to determine the very best network.

    • A tried and tested methodology by over 500 projects, this identifies a company's strengths and weaknesses so as to recommend short-term actions ("Quick Wins"); and, with a more comprehensive overhaul in mind, to build the target organisation and logistics structure in the medium-term. 
  • Cost benchmark (transport and warehousing) determined from our 40 years' worth of experience in projects of this type.
  • DIAGMA assists our customers with implementation.