Cut the cost of industrial operations

Operational excellence aims at delivering high-quality products in the most economical, flexible and swiftest way possible. Cutting the cost of industrial operations requires being on the constant look-out for solutions as the environment and strategy change.

How can DIAGMA help you cut the cost of industrial operations?

DIAGMA shares with its customers:

  • its expertise and pragmatism in terms of Lean Manufacturing for asking the right question and finding the right solution (flow management, equipment productivity, safety/ergonomics, excess stocks and so on);
  • its expert software tools for simulating the impacts of scenarios regarding investment, physical setup, stock management rules and in-factory flows;
  • its field experience for training customer teams and garnering their support for new practices.

DIAGMA helps to:
  • accelerate/put into perspective its customers' decision-making on the right solutions to implement;
  • monitor the actual cost gains;
  • sustain improvements made by the solutions adopted.

From 20% to 30% of productivity improvement for the targeted plants.