Improve a Distribution Centre's Performance

Whether outsourced or managed by your own company, the distribution centre is a production tool in its own right. It therefore needs to be managed as such, since it plays an instrumental role in the performance of the Supply Chain - which depends on internal and external factors that can often be influenced.

Improve distribution performance with Diagma

DIAGMA's approach involves the swift identification of areas where improvements could be made according to three key factors:

  • productivity of operations;
  • reliability of service quality;
  • safety of personnel and equipment.

DIAGMA's approach combines:

  • providing expertise on:
    • internal and external performance factors;
    • performance comparisons to encourage action;
    • best practices of distribution centre operations (processes regarding receipt, storage, order and shipment planning, inventory and work methods);
    • best disruptive practices (logistics pooling and outsourcing);
    • effective setup plans;
    • order planning automation solutions;
    • steering (overseeing, charts) and management of logistics teams.
  • involvement of logistics stakeholders in jointly putting together operational procedures and assessing the challenges that need tackling;
  • assessment of existing skills against the skills required;
  • assessment of limits linked to information systems (WMS, WCS, ERP).

DIAGMA helps to organise priority measures into tangible projects and supports implementation in six ways:

  • assistance with designing a flexible distribution centre that can adapt as development plans change;
  • assistance with overhauling processes and organisation;
  • training in the business of managing distribution centres;
  • assistance with choosing and putting WMS, WCS solutions into practice;
  • assistance with choosing and setting up transit and storage facilities;
  • assistance with choosing logistics service providers in the event of outsourcing and with setting up and managing transfers.