Improve Demand Forecasting

As important as forecasting demand as effectively as possible is - for sizing and adjusting the Supply Chain resources (capacities and components/materials) with the right anticipation, what matters most is to supply the planner or procurement agent not only with a forecast - which is no more than an average - but also with the forecasting uncertainty. This makes a considerable impact on how the Supply Chain performs (customer service, defect costs, working capital, obsolescence).

How can DIAGMA help you to forecast demand reliably?


DIAGMA shares with its customers:


  • its expertise and pragmatism on forecasting methods tailored to the types of products in question (flow products, erratic products);

  • its series of user-friendly software tools for analysis (calculating demand uncertainty, swift trend and season fluctuation extraction) and forecast calculation so as to pinpoint what needs doing to adapt forecasting methods quick-smart; 


  • its ability to assess forecasters' skills;

  • its experience with winning organisations around demand forecasting, particularly on the international stage.



DIAGMA helps to organise priority measures into tangible projects and supports implementation in three ways:

  • assistance with overhauling demand management processes;
  • training/action in the forecaster's profession;
  • assistance with setting up its software tools (AZAP).