The Supply Chain from end to end is a source of value that many industrial and distribution firms still underestimate or are even unaware of. The constant search for balance between operating costs, lead times, high-quality customer service and stocks is a neverending challenge as strategies and environments evolve.

Seeing performance improvement projects through from start to finish with Diagma

DIAGMA's approach involves the swift identification of areas where improvements could be made by:

  • providing expertise about sources of non-quality in the Supply Chain to conduct relevant analyses and collect tangible facts for pinpointing the weakest link(s) (purchasing/procurement, manufacturing, distribution) of the Supply Chain;
  • overseeing the collective generation of ideas with the company's Supply Chain stakeholders to muster support for the need to change;
  • examining best Supply Chain Management practice in a joint construction mindset to determine the operational gains with in-house stakeholders;
  • shedding light on priority measures to take given the General Management's current challenges.


The resulting roadmap, organised into sub-projects, is used to manage the benefits that can be obtained with support from DIAGMA according to different types of added value:
  • support for project managers;
  • expertise/methods for taking the necessary action;
  • project manager and team coaching;
  • facilitating change by detecting hindrances and recommending appropriate counter-measures for the company's context;
  • best practice training (demand and planning management, stock management, lean manufacturing, pooling/warehouse management).