DIAGMA tailors its approach to the types of supply chain set up in its customers' companies (Make-to-Stock, Assemble-to-Order, Make-to-Order, Maintenance Repair & Overhaul) and identifies the sub-problems concerning stock optimisation that need tackling.

Then, in liaison with the customer's stock managers, DIAGMA:

  • assesses the service rate and existing stock (quantity, value, cover by ABC category, obsolescence) and analyses the stock management practices in place (restocking rules, sizing parameters).
  • sizes, with DIAGMA's specific software tools, the target stocks based on best practice (safety stocks based on the demand uncertainty, economic restocking quantities, anticipation stocks depending on the seasonal variation of demand) and service rate hypotheses defined with the customer.
  • makes the customer's teams aware of the parameters that impact stock level and establishes the short- and medium-term stock trend curve once the new practices are in place. 

DIAGMA provides specific training on stock management for ensuring successful follow-through and lasting results.