Reducing working capital with an efficient supply chain

The Supply Chain from end to end can be used to improve working capital (WC) as its performance jointly and directly affects stocks, customer debts and supplier payments.

How can DIAGMA help you to reduce working capital?

DIAGMA adapts its approach to three longstanding ambitions of industrial and distribution companies:

  • reduce WC in moments of crisis ("Stop the cash bleeding");
  • reduce WC to 3/6/9 months;
  • sustainably optimise WC with best practice rooted in operational functioning.

DIAGMA calls on joint teams in which its consultants and customer teams work together to provide:

  • expertise on the mechanisms for putting together the various building blocks of WC (stocks, customer debts and supplier payments), on the interactions between these building blocks and on the  levers that will take companies forward (good operational management practice), upskilling in the profession, frame of mind and financial culture of the Supply Chain;
  • facilitation for revealing the right drivers and stakes for cultivating the collective intelligence of operational (planners, stock managers, customer service manager, etc.) and management teams;
  • know-how on managing projects and facilitating change to bring about an actual reduction in WC in the context of each customer.